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History of Islam in Baltistan starts with arrival of Hazrat Ameer Kabbir Syed Ali Hamadani (A legendary Sufi Saint of the Muslim History) from Iran during 15th Century. He was followed by other Sufi legends afterwards, such as Shah Syed Muhammad Noorbakhsh. Soon the whole region converted to Sofia Imamia Noorbakshi order of Islamic Sufism. The core message of Sofia Imamia Noorbakhshia is: complete elimination of all evil desires and immoralities of human nature from one’s self; total submission of one’s wills before Allah (by following the Quran, Ahl-e-beit (A.S) and Sunnah) and finally love and peace for the whole mankind. Today, Sofia Imamia Noorbakhshia’s are found in Baltistan and Ladakh regions of J&K, as well as a large number of Sofia Imamia Noorbakshia’s are native to Iran, Kurdistan and Central Asia.

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