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Sufia Imamia Noorbakhshia is a school of Islamic jurisprudence that emphasizes the Muslim Unity. Its very foundations rests on the belief in Allah, Angels, Prophets, Day of Judgement, Holy Quran and other Holy Islamic Scriptures revealed upon previous Prophets. While, practices include Prayers (five times in a day) Fasting of Ramadan, Zakah and Pilgrimage journey to Kaaba. These Beliefs and Practices has been excerpted from the books: Usool Aitaqadia(deals with Beliefs) and Fiqh ul Ahwat (deals with Islamic Jurisprudence), which were written by Hazrat Shah Syed Muhammad Nurbaksh. Noorbakhshia has its own Silsila (Sufi Order) : Silsila-e-Zahab (Golden Chain). This Silsila has Imam Haqiqi (Divinely Appointed Imam): from Imam Ali (A.S) to Imam Mahdi (A.S), and Imam Izafi (Deputy to Haqiqi Imam). The linkage of Imam Izafi stems from renowned Sufi saint Maroof e Karkhi and it will continue till they day of Judgement. Noorbakhshia is the only Sufi order of Islam whose foundations have been laid upon the teachings of Aima Tahirreen (Fourteen Infallibles).

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Our Vision

Spread the True Spirit of Islam

To eliminate the innovations in religious matters introduced by the people with the course of time.

Elimination of Differences

One of the reason is to eliminate the differences among different schools of thought. To opt the moderate way for the elimination of the differences

Explanation of Pracitcal Issues

To explain the practical issues of Muslims in an easy and effective manner.



In The Name Of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful

In order to maintain peace and prosperity in the society,

one has to be honest with speech and character along with equity and justice.

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text And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all togehter and do not became divided. { Quran: 3 103 }
Latest Articles

Latest Articles

Sufism and Noorbakhshiat in History of Gilgit Baltistan

Practical emancipation of true Islam duly abiding by the Shariah, Tariqah and Haqiqa is Sufism and the Chief of Awliya Imam Ali (A.S), who is directly connected with the seal of prophet, Muhammad (PBUH).

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Role of spiritual masters in fomenting peace and religious harmony of Baltistan

It is an establish fact that the universal teaching of Sufism is the central pole of Islamic principles of ethics and morality that guarantee peace, harmony in the world order and eternal salvation in hereafter.

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Ecstasy (wajd )And Behaviour

In Sufism, the term is referred to as wajad and the experience is referred to as either jazbah or majzoobiyat.

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