History of Islam in Baltistan

By Abid on November 28, 2017

History of Islam in Baltistan starts with the arrival of Hazrat Ameer-e-Kabbir Syed Ali Hamadani (A legendary Sufi Saint of the Muslim History) from Hamadan, Iran during 15th Century. He was followed by other Sufi legends afterwards, such as Shah Syed Muhammad Noorbakhsh and Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi. Soon the whole region converted to Sufia Imamia Noorbakshi order of Islamic Sufism.

Amburik Masjid

Ameer e Kabbir Syed Ali Hamadani was the first preacher of Islam in Kashmir and Baltistan. It is said that Syed Ali Hamadani entered Baltistan via Kashmir for the first time. According to some sources he inclined 37,000 people towards Sufi Islam. Syed Ali Hamadani visited Baltistan during the era of Yabgo Muqeem Khan. Muqeem Khan was the ruler of Saling, Khaplu valley. The history of Syed Ali Hamadani’s visit to Baltistan is mentioned by Mir Najmuddin Saqib in his book.