Belief in Allah

It is incumbent to believe that God is the necessary existence. He is living, knowing, hearing, seeing, the omnipotent, the owner of will power and owner of his Books. His knowledge is sketched over everything, from the throne, Kursi, seven heavens, earths and what are between them. There is nothing over the throne but he is exalted with status, but not with place. He has no ending. He is the light of the lights. He has nobody density and color He is cleaned from all these things. He is Deity (God) of apostles and saints. At this station the apostles call him the living, the knowing.

The saints call him the presence of scientism and the philosophers call him the universal wisdom and the universal soul. No one from the groups of these people deems by their different phrases anything else but Allah. He in this presence of omnipotence is exalted and self-sufficient of all things. His light is benefited by the heavens. In this situation the apostles call him the lord, the creator and the provider. The saints call him the characteristically function and Angelical heavens.

The philosophers call him wisdom of heaven bodies’ strength, possessions of spiritual stars. These spirituals are benefited by the elements and kingdom of nature. At this status the apostles call him by creatures. The saints by impressionable attributes and trained souls. The philosophers by lamed strengths. The purpose of these sayings is himself, His attributes, His deeds and His impressions.