Belief in Prophets

It is incumbent to believe in the Prophets, because they are the chains between God and His slaves, they spread at the Blessings from God and convey them to the creatures. The achievement of the higher degrees is in their following and descending to down steps to valley of Hell is in their supposing.

Belief in Prophet Muhammad PBUH

It is incumbent to believe that our Prophet Hazarat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the last prophet. The prophecy was ended by his prophecy. The codes and legalities were ended by his code and law. He is the owner of the Book with prophecy and prophet’s mission. He is the one who was endued with constancy. The owner of lunar reign (period). He has the union of Saturn and Jupiter (i. good luck holder) He is the distinguished one from the apostles, prophets, kings and philosophers. He got distinction in them all. Because no one can be found characterized with these seven characteristics except or apostle, chief, lord and the lord of mankind and jinn. (May God’s blessings and peace be upon him and his descendants. Whenever i speak in the praise of Allah’s apostle. My grandfather and lord May the salutation be on him as the number of any breathing.

Reference Kitab-ul-Etiqadia