Beliefs in Holy Books

It is incumbent to believe that the Holy Quran, the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms and all the scrolls are the speech of Allah. The Holy Quran is distinguished with words and meanings and has distinction in all the books revealed from the heaven. It is also incumbent to believe the speech of Allah is ancient as for as it is an attribute of His attribute and the attributes of Allah are unanimously eternal.

It is an up to date as it was revealed on the apostle of Allah s(peace be on him and his descendants) in the specific time, after the ages which were passed before and when it is read and written as God the exalted said: “ no admonition does come to them from their Lord as a recent revelation as a recent revelation, but they listen to it while they play” the Nobel Quran, on the aspect that the Holy Quran was one of God’s characteristic in God’s knowledge and in the extensity, then there is no concealment in being it is the ancient and on the other aspect, it has been revealed, it is being read, it is being pronounce and it is being written, there is no concealment in its being recent.