Role of spiritual masters in fomenting peace and religious harmony of Baltistan

By Eng. Nazir Hussain on April 26, 2018

Sufism is derived from one of the fundamental offshoots of both theoretical and practical genesis.

There are several contemporary chains of Sufism in Islam and the Doctrine of all these chains are truthfulness in lightened moderation peace tranquility, fraternity, mutual respect, faithfulness and interfaith harmony

It is an establish fact that the universal teaching of Sufism is the central pole of Islamic principles of ethics and morality that guarantee peace, harmony in the world order and eternal salvation in hereafter.

Subcontinent has been in lightened by the spectrum of light of Islam through re known missionaries and Sufi masters the saints there is not a patch of land in subcontinent that was not traveled by these saints, that is by the roots of Islamic teachings are deep rooted here and getting fathom with the passage of time.

The current waves of extremism and terrorism and pre-carious conditions are all because of deviation from established teachings of these noble saints who were true followers of the holy prophet Peace Be upon him, his holy progeny and companions. Islam propagated in Baltistan through Iranian missionaries, preachers and theologians like Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, Syed Muhammad Noorbakhs, Mir Danial Shaheed, Syed Nasir toosi, Syed Ali Toosi, Syed Mehmood toosi, Syed Haider toosi, Mir Arif, Syed Abu Saeed sauda, Mir Mokhtar Akhyar, And Mir Yahya etc. All these noble saints propagated true Islam, theological principles, peace ethics and human values. These saints (inculcated ) all moral values in the civil society of Baltistan, that are still noticeable in the society of people of Baltistan tenaciously holding the set down moral values of Islam and peace tranquility, fraternity, interfaith harmony are emblematic of what is happening in Baltistan.

Baltistan is proverbially recognized as cradle of peace that is by dint of reinvigorated teachings of these saints and impact of Sufism.